Grow Both Your Income And Your Space With Coach Homes In Toronto

Do you know what a coach home is? Toronto is a big city in Canada which approves coach home construction in many qualifying lots. Coach homes might also be known as carriage homes, granny flats, or laneway homes. Regardless of what you call them, these are self-contained homes that are small in size and share the same lot with a bigger primary residence. Having one of these smaller, secondary homes can be a great way to boost your monthly income or just grow the space available to your family for playing, working or living.

Get A Helping Hand With Your Mortgage

Toronto’s housing market is facing shortages in space combined with rising costs. That’s making interest in coach homes grow. Many Toronto homeowners are already using secondary basement suites to make their mortgages more manageable, but it’s detached secondary homes that add the bonus of privacy for both you and any tenants you might have. Coach homes also prove easier to market than a basement suite since they provide more independent living arrangements. They’re above ground, have their own private garden access, and might even be built with an outdoor deck.

Studio? Guest House? Home Office?

I’ve you ever wanted a cozy space for guests from out of town, home for your live-in caregiver, a serene space for reflection and spirituality, a music studio for practice and recording, somewhere to focus on your work, or just some privacy for an older member of the family, then using a coach home might work out well. If you already live on a qualifying property but don’t yet have a secondary suite that is legal, you might be able to have one constructed. Coach homes typically get put in the back area of a yard, often taking up space a garage otherwise would, although some have single-car garages.

What Lots Qualify?

At the time of writing, qualifying lots had to be within the city boundaries of Toronto itself. However, it’s getting likely that in the coming months or years, they can also get built on some lots in the Toronto area too. Current requirements include 33 feet as a minimum width on a lot of at least 3900 square feet, and the kind of lot has to be RZ zoned for single-families. Combined, the primary residence and secondary home may take up to 40 percent lot coverage, with the secondary residence capped at 15 percent of the total lot.

Toronto has two categories for coach homes. Class A homes are single-story structures with a maximum of 800 square feet for their living space. Class B homes can be up to 1.6 stories with a cap of 1000 square feet of total living space.

Energy-Efficiency And Complementary Design

The design of a coach home has to not only complement a primary home on its lot but also blend with surrounding landscaping and structures with harmony. Toronto as a city is encouraging anyone it can to collect rainwater, use energy-efficient appliances, and install solar-energy systems. This is all being done in an effort to shift towards sustainable energy-efficient design.

Building Your Coach Home

Constructing a coach home means enjoying options and benefits like growing your living space or using rental income to better afford your mortgage. It’s also often cheaper than building a bigger home since it can get tied into the storm drains, power, and water mains already in place.

Look for an experienced general contractor familiar with every aspect of building a home in Toronto, as well as a mortgage provider that specializes in building laneway or coach homes. Some will even let you transfer an existing mortgage and help you cover appraisal and legal fees.

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