Book Review

In her book, professor and innovation consultant Kim Erwin describes and demonstrates methods for communication throughout all stages of the innovation process, not just the end. She introduces a framework, along with concepts and methods, to help manage complexity, accelerate synthesis, bring clarity and exchange important knowledge with the people who need to act on it.

For those tasked with innovation, and there are more of us every day, creating The New is more than a problem of the producing the best idea. It’s a challenge of engaging, leveraging and aligning the human systems inside organizations — the creators, developers, funders and,importantly, the myriad of “doers” who touch the work along the way. In this context, we discover that creating The New involves more people than ever before, and that communication is essential to its success.

However, methods and good advice to guide this aspect of the work are in short supply. In this book, you will meet over 30 individuals at the forefront of creating The New. Some are pioneers in the field, some are new to the fight. Some practice as consultants; others work directly within organizations. All share a new attitude toward communication. This book draws from their experiences and organizes their contributions into a collection of methods for use by anyone who needs to create and communicate The New.

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